How do you rate a framework?

This could really be asked of anything. How do you rate a car? How do you rate a programming language?

Wikipedia’s comparison of web frameworks is objective, but useless as a qualitative or meaningful quantitative comparison. It is nice to have dates of last release, but how often are these released? How many people are working on them? Is there any money backing them up?  Is there any interest in big players in keeping these alive and open?  Are they free? Are they open source? How closely do they follow the community goals of the parent language?

How many tutorials are there? How active is the community? What is the frame work used in? How many repos?

I’m not saying that these things need to be put in a chart on Wikipedia or Stack, but we should at least keep these things in mind when discussing them.

What is it good for?

Generally, these aren’t to hard to do one your own.  You can literally Google most of these yourself.

Written By StevenLacks