How to set up Sails.js on WebStorm

Setting Sails.js to run in your WebStorm development environment  is pretty easy.  You can watch “Getting Sails js Running on Westorm Node js Framework Tutorial” or read on to see how.

Create your project, delete all the files and directories in the project (including the hidden .idea file).

Inside the directory, you’re create the sails app by entering the following line into the WebStorm terminal

Go to your package.json file and fix the name of the file.

After a few seconds since create the app, the run buttons should now light up.  In the menu bar (along the top) go to Run > Edit Configurations.  Click the + sign to add a new configuration, select Node.js.

Name it, whatever you like.

The working directory should already be filled out.

The Javascript file is going to send the command to the console to start your app, in this case, we want sails.js to run.

We could  use the global install, but instead, it’ll probably be easier for you to find the path to your local (this project local) install of the module.  It’s going to be inside

This can be typed in as

The application parameter is lift.  Normally when launching a sails app, you’d type “sails lift.”  This is essentially doing the same thing. Though, as you can tell in my Windows machine, the command it generates is a little different.

Written By StevenLacks