Independent Web Developer

I build really cool things. Some times it’s in JavaScript, other times, it’s in PHP. Front End, Back End? SQL, NoSQL? Traditionally managed or Services-aaS? I might be able to help.

Broker Services

If you’re the type of business owner I think you are, then we share similar goals. You want to provide top level products and services based on your expertise, good news! So do we. You have your your profession, craft or trade; we have ours. There’s no need for you to get buried in all the tech lingo and trends. You can focus on what you do best. We’ll manage the websites, social accounts, coordinating technology with your real world presence. Our reports provide you data that you can understand. Your business can have a powerful web presence; together, we can make that happen.

Your web presence can be focused and professional, bringing in the clientele you need. Quality content and materials will attract the right people, moving your focus away from followers to committed customers.

  • Web Sites
  • Social Media
  • Cloud Services
  • Email